Watch multiple web cameras broadcasting 24/7.

 Dunrovin's three web cams bring D@D members right into life at the ranch.

Nest and Ranch Cams


The Nest and Ranch Cams are our eyes in the sky.

  • The Nest Cam is, of course, mounted on a 45 foot high pole above the ospreys' nest and is equipped with a high quality ambient microphone and an inferred night light that cannot be seen by the birds. When the ospreys are gone, this cam is used to monitor winter birds utilizing adjacent bird feeders and to follow other Dunrovin animals and activities.

  • The Ranch Cam is mounted on a pole 37 feet above the ranch's riding arena and horse stalls. It not only captures all of the horse activities, but provides excellent views of the ospreys' nest from afar, allowing us to capture movement above and around the nest. Both ambient and personal microphones are used to enable viewers to listen in on riders, ranch staff, and guests as they participate in all kinds of ranch activities.

  • A River Cam is Dunrovin's next project. A few technical issues must first be resolved in order to install a permanent web camera and ambient microphone down along the Bitterroot River to capture the ospreys in action catching fish as well as the many other birds and wildlife that use the river corridor.  

Mobile Cam

The mobile cam lives both indoors and outdoors.

While the permanently mounted nest and ranch (and soon river) cams provide great 360 degree panoramic and close up views in all weather of the action within their range, lots of fun and interesting happen at the ranch within the buildings and at eye level. We have installed a number of web cam "stations" to bring D@D members into every hidden nook and cranny of the ranch:

  • Our family room station brings members right into the ranch living quarters where we routinely host book club discussions, parlor music sessions, and visits with guests of all kinds.

  • Our arena, stall, and tack room stations give intimate and ground level views of many of our horses activities. The ability to get our horses up close to the web camera has enabled us to show such things as equine dentistry, hoof care, and acupuncture as well as horse and dog training, care, and management.

  • Our garden station bring people right into Dunrovin's garden and orchard. The bench station is used during the winter months to monitor the birds in the riparian ecosystem. 


Emerging Technologies


D@D always strives to improve web viewing. 

We are constantly looking for ways to enhance the Dunrovin viewing experience. For example, we installed both a perch and an inferred night light on the osprey's nest platform, which opened up an entirely new world of the birds at night. In the spring of 2016, we recorded a great horned owl attacking the female osprey in the middle of the night. The owl thought it might take over the nest!

In short, D@D mixes high tech with low tech solutions to create new and improved experiences. For example, we use cell phones as microphones to allow us to talk with riders training a horse on the trail or to bring in a horsemanship coach located across the country.  At times we broadcast two or three web cameras at once so viewers won't miss any action, no matter where it occurs on the ranch. 


All Dunrovin web camers are high definition enabled with pan, tilt, and zoom capabilities and coupled with a professional audio system for quality viewing.


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