April 2017: Riding the White Horse Home

Even though Teresa Jordan wrote her lovely and moving family memoir in 1993, it is anything but dated. Her life of growing up in the remote, rough landscape of Wyoming’s Iron Mountain among a far-flung yet close-knit community of ranchers dedicated to their challenging livelihoods—so intimately bound to the land—and her need to migrate away to the urban and academic world of Yale and the east coast, gave Teresa a personal understanding of the rift between America’s urban and rural communities and cultures. She was prescient in identifying the distrust and lack of understanding growing between the two cultures, lamenting its seemingly inevitable character and foreshadowing the implications for our country, issues that played out loud and clear during our 2016 presidential election.

Teresa’s book promoted very lively and engaged conversations among our D@D book club members. Themes included the role of women, the meaning of place in one’s life—gathering up a life that honors and blends both place of birth and individuality—the intertwining of landscapes and politics, and the role landscapes play in shaping our personalities and cultures.

We were delighted Teresa was available to join our Book Club Literary Host, author Judy Blunt, and Dunrovin Ranch owner, SuzAnne Miller, in a google group discussion of these themes in her book.



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