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Book Club

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D@D Community Book Club


Let the D@D Book Club connect you with other readers across the globe and the authors and/or key individuals related to the books being read. D@D collaborates with author Judy Blunt, Professor of English at the University of Montana, to select quality literature and create opportunities for discussions with authors, literary experts, and others engaged with the books.  

Book club members interact directly through D@D via the Book Club Chat for scheduled real time conversation, the D@D Book Club Forum for posting comments and suggestions, and special book club live broadcasts with Judy Blunt and book authors or experts. Members can pose questions and make comments during the live broadcasts.

From book club, to chair yoga, to dog and horse training, there is never a dull moment at DaysAtDunrovin.

Ranch Talks

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Weekly Ranch Talks and Chats


D@D members look to the staff to be their "boots on the ground;" so look for them to jump on the chat or mic-up when something fun or unusual happens at the ranch. When chirping erupts at the ospreys' nest, staff can be seen running out to look up in order to figure out what's going on, then hurrying to the web cam controls to capture all the action..

Learn what it takes to run a guest ranch and care for a herd of horses from the Dunrovin Ranch staff. Each week ranch owner, SuzAnne Miller, and ranch manager, Kelli Kozak, stop their chores to mic-up so you can hear online and they can respond to your questions on anything and everything regarding the ranch. We also hold short chat sessions each week to provide members with updates and give context to all that you are seeing on the web cameras.

Dunrovin Presents


The D@D Drive-In Movie Theater


Remember the old movie drive-ins? You could get a group together to watch a movie, eat popcorn, and chitchat all you wanted in the privacy of your car. Well, at Dunrovin Presents, you drive your computer in rather than your car, make your own popcorn, and chitchat with other members!

Enjoy outstanding online theater performances, from movies to dance to story telling to pantomime and music.  D@D capitalizes on its proximity to Missoula, which some have dubbed "the Paris of the West" in recognition of the many artists and scientists living in the area. D@D showcases talent of all kinds in the Dunrovin Presents online theater. 

D@D theater presentations also connect D@D members with the producers, actors, or others involved in the productions. For example, in April of each year, we collaborate with the International Wildlife Film Festival to bring wildlife films and producers to our online theater. 

And there's much more!  These are only examples of the many programs D@D offers.  

D@D works with members to create programs based on their desires.


D@D members never miss out. All D@D live broadcasts are archived and available on demand.

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