Os-Days at Dunrovin by Terry Kiley

When the season began
Hope was carried for three
Called Honk, Hero and Hoot
We prayed all would fly free

These words are the story
Of the wonder of you
Of a little one lost
And the blessing of two

One did live before Hal
His hearts happy for you
He so loved your dear mom
Now he flies with Hoot too

Your dad is quite special
Early on he brought gifts
To woo your sweet momma
All the hay he could lift

What dear parents you have
Their devotions so deep
They provide all you need
Your well being they keep

We laughed at your antics
As you played through the day
From Osplets to Fledglings
Now, two stunning Osprey

A cream colored baby
Lays below in some hay
You so wonder and wonder
How it will fly one day

Its size befuddles you
And it’s number of legs
You don’t see any wings

You were close as nestlings
As fledglings you stayed near
‘Cept for the fish squabbles
Your heart bond was quite clear

It shows you’re survivors
When you fight over fish
This is learning for you
Lessons for which we wish


Honk, your fledge surprised us
And most likely you too
Most young fly to a tree
For you a roof would do

You are beyond perfect
With magnificent wings
Your beauty astounds us
Joy, to hearts you do bring

Chocolate brown feathers
With tips frosted in white
You take one’s breath away
You’re a glorious sight

You looked down on mountains
Now you soar o’er their tops
You glide through the valleys
This makes our hearts stop

Oh we wish you’d remain
But your destiny calls
Migration awaits you
As summer turns to fall

A bounty awaits you
In lakes, rivers and streams
Big, bright glistening fish
In clear water will gleam

You will fly to the south
Where you’ll rest and you’ll grow
Then a call to the north
When migration winds blow

There you’ll set up a nest
As your parents have done
We will pray that your blessed
With dear daughters and sons

Your genes carry greatness
Your species is sublime
You now join with others
To carry on your line

We always will miss you
Yet we’re grateful of heart
That of your great story
We were blessed to take part

Once the sky called to you
We knew you would depart
But, you’ll never be gone
You’re held in our hearts

May the wind lift your wings
May you soar far and wide
May you fly long and strong
In your home in the sky…

God Bless and God Speed Honk and Hero

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