March 2017: Wildlife Films at the Dunrovin Drive-In

Dunrovin is always excited when the International Wildlife Film Festival comes to town each April. Dunrovin Ranch has long enjoyed a cordial relationship with the festival. Dunrovin Ranch co-owner, Sterling Miller, is an internationally known expert in bear biology, as was Chuck Jonkel, who founded the International Wildlife Film Festival in 1977. Chuck’s goal in organizing the festival was to recognize the scientific accuracy, the artistic appeal, and the technical skills involved in making films centered on wildlife and wild lands. The festival has played a critical role in shaping ethical standards for wildlife film-making to ensure that individual animals as well as wildlife populations are not unduly impacted and that the information presented depicts actual, rather than staged, events and conveys accepted scientific information about the species, their habitats, and behaviors. The festival marries the science of wildlife biology with the artistry of wildlife film-making and connects the many players involved in creating wildlife films, from producers to financial backers to videographers to sound technicians, etc.

The festival has steadily grown over the years both in the number of attendees and in its international reach. Wildlife education and entertainment is clearly an important function as the festival strives to broaden the audience for their films. Wildlife filmmakers face daunting challenges in getting their work before large and diverse audiences. Western Montana residents are very lucky in having the festival gather in Missoula each year for a full week of film showings and competitions. The week starts with a Wild Walk Parade down Missoula’s main street of Higgins Avenue. Children of all ages dress in fanciful wildlife costumes to show their support, and many local schools’ art classes make special floats for the event. Many a four-legged pet has been pressed into service with costumes of their own.

This year’s festival will be held from April 15 through the 22nd and Dunrovin will play a very special role. For the first time ever, the festival will utilize the DaysAtDunrovin website for an online broadcast of a selection of their films. This means viewers from across the globe will be able to see these special films. In addition, the Dunrovin Ranch osprey nest web camera will be broadcast live during the festival at the theater between film showings, giving festival attendees a personal connection with Harriet and Hal Ospreys, who should be heavily involved in nest building by the time the festival occurs.

The final selection of films will be set in the coming days, and a broadcast schedule will be announced shortly thereafter and will appear on the D@D calendar. The broadcasts will take place on the main landing page at During the festival, D@D’s Ranch Camera broadcast channel will be used for showing the films and will be available to both the public and D@D members at no cost. After the films have been shown, film producers and others will gather at Dunrovin Ranch for an evening bison BBQ and to appear on the D@D live web broadcasts to engage with D@D members, who can chat their questions and comments directly to them.

We are very excited to break this new ground with the International Wildlife Film Festival. We support their efforts and are delighted to be able to bring online viewers into the festival to see these extraordinary films and provide the film producers with additional audience exposure. Be sure to keep track of our D@D calendar for dates and times.

International Wildlife Film Festival – Selected Films for Showing on DaysAtDunrovin

  1. The High Divide (15:50)
  2. Lumus (7:57)
  3. Shaped by Fire (10:00)
  4. Grey Area (49:16)
  5. Melting Stars (15:00)
  6. Fix and Release (15:30)
  7. Ethiopia Rising (1:01:00)
  8. Magical Moors (1:33:00)
  9. Archives of Extinction (12:00)
  10. Migrating Birds – Scouts of Distant Worlds (01:29:45)
  11. Flying Rainbow (48:44)
  12. Mad About Birds

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