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Photo of Klya Two Bulls and her beautiful horse, Sioux Girl. Photo by Tamar Kasberg

July 2017: Embracing Diversity

Greetings from Lady Dunrovin

As a student of both biology and economics, I have learned that resilience is born from diversity. As a world traveler and guest ranch owner who hosts people from across the world, I believe that diversity is also key to cultural resilience. As we celebrate our nation's birthday, may we also celebrate the richness of its diversity - in its peoples, in its environments, and in its ways of thinking. Diversity is at the core of our nation's history and strength.

Kyla's Many Gifts to Dunrovin

Kyla Two Bulls only worked for Dunrovin for a very short period of time, but she left a very big and lasting impression on the ranch and on me personally. She shared her Indian ways, stories, and dances with us, she invited me into her home near Lame Deer, Montana, and she named our Jack Russel Terrier - Kola, meaning "like a little brother" in Lakota Sioux. She also introduced us to painting horses. 

Becoming a US Citizen

Daniel and Monica Birlut literally won the lottery to become United States citizens. Born under communist rule in Romania, for years Daniel and Monica applied under the American Visa Lottery system - and then they won! But that was just the beginning of a long, challenging journey to becoming citizens, professionals working for the state of Montana, and homeowners. Dunrovin was privileged to have been a short waystop along their path.

Jane's Diversity with Horses

Jane Sparks had done it all with horses - from showing on the dressage circuit in the Midwest, to owning and breeding race horses, to the exhilarating and dangerous sport of fox hunting, to owning an equine insurance business, to moving to Montana to learn about gaited horses and becoming an instructor in animal Reiki. Dunrovin is fortunate to have Jane focus her equine skills, love, and experiences on some of our horses who, at times, need a little extra TLC from the rigors of the ranch.

Wabi Sabi

The beauty of diversity among people and cultures is finding little treasures of knowledge and tradition that open one's eyes to new perspectives on life. Hobie Hare has a talent for drawing on nature's and mankind's diversity to capture and distill simple joys which he does in proclaiming that we are Wabi Sabi - we all personify the art of imperfection. 

Summertime at Dunrovin

As soon as kids exit their schoolhouse doors for summer recess, Dunrovin Ranch shifts into high gear. The summer season is THE season for a guest ranch. We at Dunrovin love the long days of summer that are punctuated by kids laughing, riding, creating art in our day camps, the smiles from visitors from across the globe who arrive as strangers and leave as friends, company parties and family reunions with multiple generations running through the sprinklers or inner tubing down the river, and exuberance of four legged-partners as they climb the hills and cross the rivers with our guests.

Signs of Summer at Dunrovin


Riders in Montana's Back Country


Escaping the Heat in the Bitterroot River


Riding Lessons in the Arena


Kids and Ponies Naturally Go Together


Family Inner Tube Adventures 



Out and About Western Montana

Running from Weddings

Weddings are wonderful joyous occasions  - unless they happen at your home throughout the summer. My husband and I use Dunrovin Ranch's wedding weekends to "get out of Dodge" and, more importantly, get our dogs out from under the festivities. Our favorite escape consists of renting a Forest Service cabin that is dog-friendly and way beyond cell phone coverage! Our recent stay at Horse Prairie was the perfect wedding weekend R&R.

- Henry David Thoreau

Horse of a Different Color - Celebrating the Diversity of the Human/Horse Bond


Man’s current relationship with horses can truly be called a “horse of a different color.” As John Trotwood Moore famously stated, “Wherever man has left his footprints in the long ascent from barbarism to civilization, we find the hoof print of a horse beside it.”

In recent years, the nature and placement of those hoof prints have changed – changed in unexpected ways. Rather than simply carrying our physical burdens, horses now ease our emotional pains; in addition to lifting our feet off the ground, horses buoy our spirits and fill our hearts with joy; rather than their being servants to us as masters, horses have become our teachers and guides.

Dunrovin Ranch, DaysAtDunrovin.com, and our affiliated nonprofit Friends of Dunrovin, have collaborated with Destination Missoula , Harlequin bestselling author Danica Winters, Spirit Dance Equine-Guided Coaching to host several upcoming special events that will honor the ever-changing emotional, spiritual, and physical bonds between horse and human.


Destination Missoula's Contest

Win an all-expenses paid five day trip for two to Missoula, Montana and Dunrovin Ranch to tour our wonderful community and to attend Dunrovin Ranch's September 8 through 10 Living with Passion Women's Retreat. Prize includes airfare, car rental, an exclusive mystery tour of Missoula, fine dining, and the Living with Passion retreat. 

Horse of a Different Color

The Friends of Dunrovin sponsors an extraordinary fund raising art contest with six artists painting six of Dunrovin horses during an evening celebration that included dinner, entertainment, and a painted pony parade. All event proceeds will go for grants to organizations that offer equine assisted physical, emotional, or mental therapy. 

Mystery Novels Set at Dunrovin

Danica Winter's Christmas Mystery Series are centered around the tiny town of Mystery, Montana and Dunrovin Ranch! Think cowboys, eligible bachelors, and maybe even a secret baby (or two)! The four books, Ms. CalculationMr. SeriousMr. Taken, and Ms. Demeanor will come out in September, October, November, and December of this year!

Living Your Life with Passion

Fill your senses. Rekindle your mind and body. Take in nature's vast beauty and vibrant rhythms. Passion is visceral. When our bodies feel alive, we feel alive, From that place of feeling fully alive. We connect with what has heart and meaning for us - in other words, our passions! Join us for a three-day retreat filled with horses, nature, and guided activities that allow the power of horses to ignite our personal passions. 

Equine-Assisted Therapy

What exactly is equine-assisted therapy? Equine-assisted therapy takes different forms to address a range of physical, emotional, and mental therapeutic needs. Physical therapy takes advantage of horses' natural way of moving to stimulate riders' muscles and enhance balance; while emotional and mental therapy takes advantage of horses' instinctual abilities to read and reflect human emotions. 



A Friends of Dunrovin fund raising event in support of equine assisted therapy.

Participate onsite or online.

August 19, 2017 at 3:00PM

Online at www.DunrovinPresents.com


 Julie ChapmenJulie T. Chapman

Lives in Montana's Ninemile Valley. She is not only an internationally known artist whose work focuses on horses and wildlife,  an experienced dressage and eventing rider, but she is also an engineer who formerly worked for Hewlett Packard.

Laura ChristieLaura Christie

Laura Christie is from Central Montana. Her art comes from her passion to live with horses - a passion that led her to a 30-year career as a professional horse trainer and a lifelong study of equine form, movement, and anatomy. This intimate knowledge of horses informs Laura's purpose in her art.

Lisa GibsonLisa Gibson

Lisa Gibson studied design by squinting at patterns in many locations throughout her life. Montana has been her classroom for well over half of it. She explored a variety of mediiums before learning that painting combines all of the elements she loves - color and design with a hands-on approach.

CindyCindy Laundrie Marshall

Cindy has lived in Missoula for 23 years. She received her BFA in painting in 1999, along with a certificate to teach K-12 art. Cindy currently participates in group shows, occasionally teaches art, and is a mother of two daughters. Cindy explores many styles of painting and a variety of subjects.

Haddieprofile1Haddie Rumpel

Haddie Rumpel studied art at the University of Montana with a scholarship from the Juried Art Competition and is  featured on the UM website.  Her main body of work consists of a series of pen and ink drawings of birds made of flowers.  She is now working on a series of paintings titled Flora, Fauna, and Fire.

Jeannette2Jeannette Wandler

Jeannette Wandler has been a classroom teacher for 12 years and an artist since she could hold a crayon. She has a Master’s in Integrated Arts and Education from the U of M. Jeannette creates primarily with acrylics, as well as creating journals, stone paintings, and mixed-media works.


Artist Scott Miller painting Lady Lonza Photo by Pam Voth

In the Spotlight - Diversity in Dunrovin Dogs

Red Heeler Puppy - Part 1

Mackenzie Cole begins his story with: "The red heeler had one eye. The other was sewn shut and there was a scar across her nose that was swollen and black. Her ears were both cut. One had a nick almost an inch deep. They healed with a gap, which left them forked. There was some merle in her coat, and her face was a bit boxier than most heelers."

Dogs Rule at Dunrovin

This is how you typically encounter Kola and Jewel. Kola is such an entitled dog that he feels it is his birthright to pick up his rump and plop it down on Jewel's back. Luckily for him, Jewel is possibly the most tolerant dog alive. But these two are not the only dogs that call Dunrovin home - or, at least, part-time home as their humans come to work or play at the ranch. Meet some of them here!

Missing Ohso

When long time ranch manager, Jamie, quit working at Dunrovin, we not only lost her, but her faithful companion, Ohso. Ohso was an integral part of Dunrovin and contributed greatly to the ranch's sense of humor. He LOVED it when Jamie threw hay, when Jamie went riding, or when Jamie did anything that involved lots of action. We miss his daily antics. 

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