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Photo of Hal watching Harriet as she feeds their chicks the fish he brought to the nest.

June 2017: Fathers of the World

Greetings from Lady Dunrovin

Young and naive and totally in love, I did not select my husband, Sterling, for his parenting skills. But, boy, did I hit the jackpot. I am grateful for Sterling being the father of my sons. Sterling exemplifies all that a father should be in his unconditional support and loving guidance. I could not have made a better choice.  

What's in a Name?

When Harriet and Hal's three chicks all hatched within three days of each other on June 1, 2 and 4, I immediately began to wonder about names. Names mean a lot to me and I wanted to get it right. I also want to include Harriet and Hal's many fans in the process. Well, after considerable consultation, consternation, and contemplation, I have the names!

I am My Father's Daughter

It's a terrible photo of me and my dad on a ferry in Prince William Sound of Alaska. The back lighting shadows our faces and makes my white teeth look like those of a vampire. Yet, I love this photo as it is a rare picture of just me and my dad. It also speaks volumes to me about Dad - his strong hands, our being outdoors, his shy smile. I so miss my dad.

My Children's Father

My husband and I have a very complex and, quite honestly, difficult relationship. We don't gloss over our differences, but we have forged an unbreakable bond over our similarities and through many years of joys and struggles. The best of us is in our children, and my love for Sterling has only deepened as I have shared parenting with him. He is a marvelous father.

Focus - by Hobie Hare

Hobie Hare's family dog, Beau, was a constant companion during Hobie's childhood meanderings in the woods near his father's home. The woods and Beau came to signify his childhood freedom, his curiosity, and his strong connection to nature.  Returning home the last time before Beau's death, Hobie comes to understand the impending loss that Beau's passing will mean for him.

D@D Members Visit Dunrovin

Dunrovin was privileged to host a couple of our Days At Dunrovin community members recently. Velma (D@D handle of Dalady), and Bev (D@D handle of BBond), and her husband, Ed, met up for the first time in early June at Dunrovin. Velma is from Eastern Washington, while Bev and Ed are from Oklahoma. Velma and Bev have been conversing for years on the D@D chat, so it was a big treat for them to spend time together with us. During their stay, we toured parts of the Bitterroot Valley together.



It was a lovely day for a road trip, so we took our time checking out the sights. Here they are in front of Montana's first church, St. Mary's in Stevensville.



The highlight of our excursion was getting up close to another osprey in the Lee Metcalf National Wildlife Refuge. 



Right after taking this photo, the osprey flew off and gave us a great show while diving in the marshes attempting to catch fish. While we were unable to capture it in a photo and while the osprey consistently came up empty-taloned, we certainly enjoyed the performance.

Thank you, Velma, Bev, and Ed for making the trip to Dunrovin. Thank you also for the lovely gifts of wine, books, and coasters. We are enjoying them greatly - but not as much as your visit. So please come back soon. We'll leave the lights on!

Out and About Western Montana

Father's Favorite Wildflower

Bear grass is not an every-year flower. One must be patient and return again and again to the high country to see if this is the year of the big bloom. Every 5 to 7 years the plant puts on a show that covers the floors of deep dark forests as well as light open meadows with a shag carpet of white. My father loved it for its beauty, its historical use by native peoples, its temperamental nature, and its relationship to fire. I find my father in their blooms.

"May your Life be
like a Wildflower

Growing Freely in the
Beauty and Joy
of Each Day"

- Native American Proverb

Canner's Story in Four Parts


Dunrovin is delighted to welcome clicker trainer and master dog trainer, Mackenzie Cole, and his horse, Canner, back to being regularly featured on Days At Dunrovin. Mackenzie will write an article for each issue of the Dunrovin Ranch Lifestyle Magazine and he will routinely schedule web broadcast sessions of his work with Canner. Be sure to check our calendar to catch them working together live and to chat with Mackenzie. Mackenzie and Canner have forged a beautiful partnership in which each supports and loves the other. Join us as we follow their story.

"Horses carry the
Wisdom of Healing
in their Hearts
and Offer it to any
Human who Possesses
the Humility and to Listen"



Canner running Framed

"What we can Learn
from Horses is
Infinitely More Valuable
Than What We
Can Teach Them"



Horses Framed

In the Spotlight - Osprey Dads - Ozzie and Hal

The Original Ozzie Osprey

Ozzie was a one-of-a-kind osprey character who delighted us all with his "wing pull" antics to get Harriet up so he could sit on their eggs. He was a first-class osprey father, ever vigilant, an expert fisherman who knew all the secret fishing holes, and totally attentive to his mate and chicks. Ozzie's tragic death left all of us with broken hearts.  

Hallelujah Hal Steals Our Hearts

Hallelujah Hal captured Harriet's attention and favors in the summer of 2015. Inexperienced and, frankly, a little clumsy, we Days At Dunrovin viewers did not exactly see what inspired Harriet to choose him to replace the stellar Ozzie. But she knew exactly what she was doing. Hal has most certainly proven himself to be a wonderful partner, provider, and protector.

Mystery in Montana - Oh, My!

The Amazon promo materials for Danica Winter's first Dunrovin Ranch book, Ms. Calculation, begin with: " Welcome to Mystery, Montana, a small town with dark secrets… The body found in the Dunrovin Ranch stables isn't just a crisis for Wyatt Fitzgerald's family or his top priority as sheriff—Gwen Johansen is both the victim's sister…and Wyatt's ex. And in a small town like Mystery, events of the past don't seem to fade."

Well, that news spread like wildfire through the barnyard, and our own horse, Mystery, insisted on meeting the author. Danica happily obliged . They do make a beautiful couple, don't you think?

Danica and Mystery at Dunrovin Ranch Photo by Pam Voth

Look for Danica Winter's Dunrovin Ranch novels to appear in stores by August 24, 2017, and keep an eye out for Danica in front of our D@D webcams.

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