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Photo of Lady Lonza with her new born son within minutes of birth 

May 2017: Mothers of the World

Greetings from Lady Dunrovin

As a mother, the joy and magic of birth overwhelms me. I fought hard to have children, suffering a number of miscarriages. My own mother called my first son a "miracle baby," as I was nearly 40 years old before everything went right. Watching my  Lovely Lady Lonza giving birth on May 3 and sharing the experience with other D@D members who watched online was a thrill for me.

What's in a Name?

As soon as I knew that Lady Lonza's foal was a palomino stud colt, a name popped into my head - one that would honor a much-loved bird, my friendship with a woman who moved away several years ago, and Lady Lonza's first foal that was tragically killed in a hunting accident. Naming a newborn has meaning and carries great emotion.

Lessons from My Mother

To say that my mother had a difficult childhood more than understates the case. It fails to acknowledge the depth of hardships that she faced as a young woman and the challenges she overcame. She has always puzzled me. How did a woman who knew so little love growing up come to be such a loving mother? My mother has continued to nurture and inspire me long after her death.

Written for His Mother

While totally unintentional, our reading of Mark Spragg's lyrical book, Where Rivers Change Direction, about his childhood on a remote Wyoming ranch could not have been a better way to contemplate the powerful role that mothers play in our lives. During our discussion with Mark, he said because he wrote it for his mother, he was able to capture his own boyhood innocence.

Mother Harriet Osprey

It is impossible to have watched Harriet Osprey over the past six years and not be impressed with her total dedication to life and commitment to her chicks. She had endured it all - from harsh spring storms, to the deadly hot temperatures of mid-summer, to losing her mate, to defending against repeated attacks. She personifies all that mothers endure to ensure the safety of their offspring.  

Thriving Naturally

Hobie Hare understands the ability of nature to heal and soothe the soul. He encourages us to visit to nature to find the powers to thrive.  And when we can't be in nature with our feet, he asks us to use our minds to take us there by imagining a favorite tree as a touchstone for shelter, tranquility, and resilience from life's turmoil.  

Maternity Wards both Upstairs and Downstairs

The small area at Dunrovin Ranch that surrounds the ospreys' nest pole has recently been the focus of much attention by our DaysAtDunrovin (D@D) cyber ranch community members.

Harriet and Hal have been busy "upstairs" nest building and egg laying, while the Lovely Lady Lonza was "downstairs" patiently, but uncomfortably, waiting for her foal to arrive.


Harriet and Hal seem intent on building their nest to the stars as they drag in stick after stick and pile more and more hay into the nest bowl. The nest bowl is so deep now that it has been difficult to see inside of it with the web camera. There are three eggs in there, but we rarely get good views of them.

Harriet laid her first egg on April 24, her second on April 26, and the third on April 29. The incubation period for osprey eggs is typically from 36 to 42 days, so the first egg could hatch as early as June 1.


Meanwhile, under the nest in her "downstairs" stall, Lady Lonza began her labor contractions on Sunday, April 30. For three long nights Dunrovin staff, as well as D@D members from Hungary to Japan, stayed up all night to watch her progress online. Her strong, big stud colt foal finally arrived at 7 am on May 3. Both mother and foal are doing very well.

Too tall to easily fit under the mare for nursing and in spite of some inept human intervention by the Dunrovin staff, he found the "milk bar" and has been gulping it down ever since. It is clear that he is a colt with curiosity and strength. He is such a welcome addition to our Dunrovin Ranch family.


Out and About Western Montana

When Rivers Demand Attention

Rivers and streams are most often seen as benign, inviting, and friendly parts of the landscape. But not in spring. Spring is when rivers demand attention. They fill up overnight; they run wild, overflowing their channels and playing their vital role of spreading nutrients, soil, and debris from up stream to down. What an exciting time to live along our own beautiful Bitterroot River.   

“I’m in love with Montana.
For other states I have admiration,
respect, recognition, even some
affection. But with Montana, it is love. And it’s difficult to analyze
love when you’re in it.”

John Steinbeck,
Travels with Charley: In Search of America

Story Updates

Rehab for New Horses

The three horses that Dunrovin purchased from a horse trader all had problems, problems that were apparent at the outset and that we felt we could overcome. Indeed, all three horses have made substantial progress. Dugan, Flynn, and Erskine continue to improve as we work with Laura Faber-Morris to help them with some physical and emotional therapy.

This applies to animals as well as people.


 “Movement is a medicine
for creating change in a
person's physical, emotional,
and mental states.”

-Carol Welch

In the Spotlight - Flowering Trees and Shrubs

Lilacs Have a Special Meaning

Mother had a love affair with lilacs. They are hardy bushes that thrived in my hometown of Butte, which was a high, cold, and hostile environment for most flowering trees and bushes. She cultivated and nurtured them; she delighted in their vividly colored and fragrant blooms. They signify home to me.  

The Joy of Flowering Fruit Trees

After having spent nearly 25 years living in Alaska where fruit trees are nonexistent, I was enthralled to move to western Montana and discover the joy of flowering fruit trees. Busting with blossoms in the spring, only to yield fruit that is edible by humans or birds or other animals in the fall, fruit trees are a sensory delight that captures me every year.   

Ms. Calculation - Oh My!

Bestselling author Danica Winters' new Harlequin series of romance and mystery novels centered on Dunrovin Ranch continue to be the focus of speculation and intrigue. Rumor now has it that I, Lady Dunrovin, appear in the series under the name of Ms. Calculation! How did she know? I am, of course, a mathematician, so perhaps her play on words was meant to reflect my professional fears. Afters all, mathematicians do not like miscalculations. Unconvinced of this benign interpretation, my dear husband laughingly claims that Danica has tapped into a darker side of my personality. Ok, I admit it. I can at times be rather calculating in pursuit of my heart's desires.  

Romance and Mystery Novelist, Danica Winters

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