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April 2017: Celebrating Plant Earth

Greetings from Lady Dunrovin

My professional work with federal and state resource management agencies, my guest ranch, and our family's recreational passions all have focused on being in nature. I am grateful to have lived a life largely spent outdoors in natural and wild places. Each April's celebration of Earth Day reminds us all that we must conserve and protect the many gifts our planet bestows on living things.

Kelli Goes Crazy for Harriet

New Dunrovin Ranch manager, Kelli Kozak, had no real idea what all that fuss was about as March waned into April and so many eyes were affixed to the sky searching for Harriet Osprey. Then Harriet did arrive, and Kelli was immediately smitten. Yet another sane person succumbs to osprey-mania!

Women's Voices for the Earth

In late 1994 and early 1995, Bryony Schwan was a young graduate student in the Environmental Studies Program of the University of Montana when she recognized that women's voices were often missing from environment discussions. She took action with others to correct that omission. 

Sterling at the First Earth Day

As a young graduate student in wildlife biology at the University of Washington, Sterling Miller applied for and received an invitation to the first national Earth Day, founded by United States Senator Gaylord Nelson, as an environmental teach-in held on April 22, 1970. The lessons learned stayed with Sterling throughout his career.

Honoring Earth Day with Hobie

Humans are but an ephemeral part of this wondrous mass of matter and energy we call the universe. Recognizing that ours is a shared world - a world of interdependence with all of life - is the door to the humility necessary for humans to be good stewards of the land and water and air the nourish us all.

Riding the White Horse Home

While written over twenty-five years ago, Teresa Jordan's lyrically written memoir of her childhood growing up on a ranch in the rough and isolated Iron Mountain range of Wyoming has much to teach us about the importance of community forged through common struggles and shared destinies.    

Returning to My True Self

Melissa Barcroft had a very difficult childhood and poured much love and trust into animals, especially horses. When she lost her beautiful, beloved, and very first horse,  Rhowan, she turned away from the horse world and from her true self. Her grief and her love of horses was hidden away for several years.  She comes now to Dunrovin to once again embrace horses and her authentic self.  

Where Rivers Change Direction by Mark Spragg is April's Book of the Month

Through his richly detailed and sensuous series of essays, Mark Spragg portrays his coming of age as the child born to the family running the oldest established dude ranch in Wyoming. His life spent among horses, dudes and hunters from across the economic and social spectrum, and the rough-hued cowboys, drunken cooks, and young girls who worked with his family was full of adventure, close calls, and unrelenting physical demands. From his childhood memories on their vast Crossed Sabers Ranch that straddled the great Continental Divide, where rivers change their direction of flow, Mark Spragg takes us deep into the heart of not only this beautiful, isolated, and uncompromising country, but into his family and the Wyoming cowboy culture that sprang from it.   

 Photo from WyoFile Web Site

Discussion schedule for Riding the White Horse Home:

Wednesday, April 26 at 7PM 
Chat in the D@D Book Club Chat Room

Sunday, April 30 at 6PM 
Live broadcast conversation with Teresa Jordan  


Dunrovin's wilderness outfitting experiences.  

Dunrovin Ranch is a speck of a place compared to the Crossed Sabers Ranch, but we have collaborated with other outfitting companies to take guests deep into the Bob Marshall and the Selway Bitterroot Wildness Areas. One of our most memorable trips was with the legendary outfitter, Smoke Elser. Smoke literally wrote the book: Packin' in on Mules and Horses. Smoke is famous for his tall tales (most of which a true!), his dedication to wilderness, and his gentle ways with animals. He was instrumental in getting congress to pass the Wilderness Act.  It has been a privilege to work with Smoke.

A Dunrovin Trip with Smoke Elser into the Bob Marshall Wilderness Area Photo by Pam Voth


SuzAnne on Power with Jewel on a trip with Smoke Elser into the Bob Marshall Wilderness Area Photo by Pam Voth



Story Updates

Foal Watch Begins

This bird's eye photo of the Lovely Lady Lonza says it all. Looking round and uncomfortable, Lonza enters her last month of pregnancy and the Dunrovin staff are busy readying her stall. We will install a web camera in the hopes of catching her in the act of foaling. She is due exactly on Earth Day, April 22, but nature is certainly calling the shots on this one. It will happen when the foal is ready. 

Wildlife Films on the Schedule

Be sure to check out the DaysAtDunrovin calendar so you can drive your computer into the Dunrovin Presents drive-in theater for some incredible films via the International Wildlife Film Festival. We will also be able to introduce you to several of the filmmakers when they come out to Dunrovin for a special event on April 21, 2017. Thank you, IWFF!

Earth Day is April 22, 2017

Earth Day is now celebrated in over 190 countries. This year www.EarthDay.org will sponsor a series of global teach-ins and marches for science in cities across the world. At no time has the need been greater to let our voices be heard for environmental scientific research and for public policies adhering to sound scientific findings. Global climate change demands our focused attention to finding solutions for cleaning our atmosphere.  


 “Now I see the secret of making the best person: it is to grow in the open air and to eat and sleep with the earth.”

-Walt Whitman

In the Spotlight - The Dunrovin Ospreys' Nest

Will the Drama Ever End?

What a dramatic beginning to the 2017 osprey breeding season! From two Canada geese trying to take over the nest by laying an egg, to Harriet dive bombing Mother Goose off of her egg, to a bold raven arriving to steal the egg, to Harriet getting pushed around at night by a great horned owl, to a serious snowstorm, and Hal finally showing up on April 10, it has been nonstop excitement at the nest.

Springtime in the Rockies

Clearly the weather around here is a character all to itself - temperamental, quick to change, unpredictable, sunny, stormy, and always the subject of speculation. We live in a montane climate; that is, our weather is highly localized and dictated by the mountains that surround us. Spring snowstorms that pass within minutes to be expected. 

Rumors of the Romance

Barnyard rumors continue unabated regarding the Dunrovin Ranch series of Harelquin romance and mystery novels by bestselling author Danica Winters, whose previous books include Montana Mustangs. The first book in the Dunrovin Ranch series will be published in August, with three additional books following each month thereafter. The suspense is palpable!

Keep your eye on our calendar for events related to the release of Danica's romance novels based on a fictional version of Dunrovin Ranch. 

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