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February 2017: Love Has Many Faces

Greetings from Lady Dunrovin

While Valentine's Day may focus primarily on romantic love, our own lives are filled with many, many different kinds and expressions of love. The Greeks knew that love wore many faces. Their ancient language had at least six words to distinguish among the various forms of love. In this issue we celebrate all of love's many manifestations. 

Kelli's Love of Animals

Our new ranch manger, Kelli Kozak, has long loved the animals in her care. It doesn't matter whether the animals belong to her or not. Any animal fortunate to be placed within her loving care receives her full attention and affections. While this is great for our Dunrovin animals, it is a loss for those she left behind in Washington state. She misses them and carries them with her in her heart.

A Love of Fishing

Author Robert Lee channels his love of fishing through his fictional character Donnie who writes a series of letters to a fancy New York City fly-fishing club for their newsletter. Often cantankerous, always generous, frequently irreverent, fishing guide Donnie manages to impart wisdom in spite of himself through his misuses of the English language as he endeavors to convey the finer points of fly fishing.   

Loving Montana with Hobie

Like many before him, Hobie found and fell in fallen in love with Montana. Moving through places rather than being of one place was Hobie's rule - until he came to Montana. It has captured his heart and his imagination. It has become his muse as well as his home. Montana's wild landscapes nourish Hobie's need for nature and replenish his soul. 

Body Battered - Body Beautiful

Philautia - a Love of Self. Women are taught from birth that the primary purpose of our bodies is to attract a man. Beauty is  all. It has taken me a lifetime of adventures to finally quiet that judgmental voice perched on my shoulder, ever ready to point out my body's imperfections. Now battered and broken, I truly love my body for its resilience and the joy it is has given me in spite of my lack of care. 

A Love of Home

My father's love for the mountains and streams of his home state of Montana was visceral, and he passed it right along to me. Through countless camping trips, hikes, and fishing adventures, my love for Montana grew and grew. As an adult I found myself embracing his tradition of kissing the ground up re-entering Montana from a trip. 

Love is an Active Verb

Agape - a selfless love extended to all. Two dynamic and very different families came together when Ed Miller, the widowed father of my husband and his four siblings, married Midge Leeper, a widow with four children of her own. Like the waters from two different streams merging to form a single river, the many generations of MillerLeepers personify a selfless love for all. 

Valentines - A Time of Love

February is often winter's last really hard month. The sun slowly creeps back up the southern sky, giving us our first hints of spring and sowing discontent with winter. It is the perfect time to turn our thoughts inward and experience the joy of contemplating all that we love.


The Names of the Stars by Pete Fromm is our Book of the Month for February

In this beautifully written book, Pete Fromm examines his love for wilderness and his love for his family. He comes to understand that the melding of these two passions makes him whole. 

Words from Pete Fromm's Web Site: 

When Pete was twenty years old, he heard of a job babysitting salmon eggs; seven months of winter alone in a tent in the Selway Bitterroot Wilderness.  A chance to be a mountain man?  What could be better?  Two weeks later, with no experience in the wilds, he left the world.  Thirteen years later, he published his award winning, bestselling memoir of that winter, INDIAN CREEK CHRONICLES–an INTO THE WILD with a twist, he lived.

Another twelve years on, that story led to his being asked to return to the wilderness to babysit more fish eggs.  But, no longer a footloose twenty year old, he was forty-five, the father of two sons, six and nine years old.  He entertained the offer as a lark, a chance, maybe, to campout with his sons, but in the end, cooler heads prevailed, and he left without his sons, straight into the heart of Montana’s Bob Marshall wilderness.

He spent the next month alone again, walking a daily ten mile loop to his fish eggs, through deer and elk and the highest density of grizzly bears in the lower 48 states.  His new memoir, THE NAMES OF THE STARS, is not only a story of wilderness and bears, but is also a trek through a life lived at its edges, showing how an impulsive kid leaping into the wilds transformed into a father without losing his love for the wild places, or much of his inability to think before leaping.  From loon calls echoing across Northwood lakes, to the grim realities of lifeguarding in the Nevada desert, through the isolation of Indian Creek and years spent running the Snake and Rio Grande as a ranger for the National Park Service, Pete seeks out the source of this passion for wildness, as well as exploring fatherhood and mortality and all the costs and risks and rewards of a life lived on its own terms.

Photo by Tom Kotynsk

Discussion schedule for The Names of the Stars:

Wednesday, February 22 at 7PM 
Chat in the D@D Book Club Chat Room

Sunday, March 5 at 6PM 
Live broadcast conversation with Pete Fromm  



Dunrovin in the "Bob"

Dunrovin Ranch has lead several expeditions into the Bob Marshall Wilderness Area near where Pete Fromm's book takes place. We too heed the siren call of the wilderness.


SuzAnne  with her horse, Power, in the Bob.
Photo by Pam Voth 


Eros - Romantic Love on Display at a Dunrovin Wedding

Amanda and Coby

Amanda and Coby share many loves beyond their enduring romantic love for each other - strong family bonds steeped in love, a passion for nature and their home state, and a deep commitment to their friends and community. Their many loves were on full display during their July 2106 Dunrovin Ranch wedding.


Love Planted a Rose

And the World Turned Beautiful


- Katharine Lee Bates

In the Spotlight

The Long and Winding Road

Pragma - a longstanding love. Sterling and I will celebrate our 49th wedding anniversary in September of 2017 - well, that is if you count from the date of our first wedding. You see, ours has not been an easy marriage, interrupted by a failed divorce. Ours has indeed been a long and winding road, but through it all we have endured and definitely found our version of pragma.

Life's Greatest Gifts - My Sons

Stoge - the profound love between parent and child. Nothing prepared me for the depth of love that I would feel for my sons. Indeed, loving a child is unlike any other form of love. Nurturing, responsibility, love of self, love of both past and future generations all color and intensify the love of one's child. It is all powerful and all encompassing.

Can Animals Love?

I personally am convinced that animals experience the full range of emotions that we humans do. Those of us who have lived among animals can attest to displays of love between our animal friends. Science is bearing out our beliefs about animal emotions as behavior research reveals the complexities of animal life: Can Animals Love? 

At Dunrovin, the love between mother and son is very apparent with our little Shetland Ponies, Bonnie and Clyde. Bonnie is blind and completely relies on her son, Clyde, for getting around.

Clyde guards while his mother, Bonnie, eats. 

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