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January 2017: A New Year Dawns

Greetings from Lady Dunrovin

Commonly one year rolls into the next without significant changes. This is most certainly not true for Dunrovin this new year.  Dunrovin starts 2017 with plenty of changes. Several new people have joined us to bring fresh ideas and unique life experiences to Dunrovin. We have new onsite and online programs, new partnerships, and new special events planned.  This is truly a NEW year!

Bryony Schwan Joins D@D

Please welcome Bryony Schwan to DaysAtDunrovin. Bryony has lead an extraordinary life and comes to Dunrovin with a wealth of experiences and talents to share. Bryony could not be a better match for helping develop D@D into an extraordinary online community committed to the environment, science and education, kindness and respect, fun and fantasy, and to bringing out the best in each other.   

Kelli Kozak Comes to Dunrovin

Dunrovin is very pleased to have found Kelli Kozak and convince her that she should bring her years of horse experience, teaching background, love of education, science, writing, and the arts to our little corner of the world as the Dunrovin Ranch Manager. Kelli arrives in late January and we are excited to get to know her, her horse, Doc, and her three canine companions.

June West Discovers Dunrovin

Life rarely goes in a straight line. Last fall, June West saw Dunrovin's advertisement for a ranch manager and applied, knowing full well that she lacked the necessary horsemanship qualifications. That didn't deter her. Neither did it deter Lady Dunrovin from seeing the other great talents June could bring to the ranch.  Thus was born a great collaboration!

Celebrating Nature with Hobie

Hobie Hare is on a mission to help people connect with nature - no matter where their feet are. Nature has continuously replenished Hobie's life. He understands the power of nature to heal, to inspire, to comfort and sooth, and to energize. He also understands that your MIND can plant you in nature, even when your feet can't.      

Winter Rivers

River are ever changing during the winter months as the temperature fluctuates around the magical freezing point. Moisture rises in the cold air to collect in ice crystals that are then captured by Jack Frost and his every present sidekick, the Frost Fairy, to be used for decorating the world. 

This Month at Dunrovin

Don't forget to join us for the D@D Book Club. There is still time to get and read the first book. 


Guiding Elliot by Robert Lee is Dunrovin's Book of the Month

Words from Robert Lee: 

I have waved a fly rod over Montana waters for nearly forty-five years. I’m passionate about fishing, hunting, and writing and I love to laugh. I find it laughable how proud we men are about being able to outsmart a trout, and that is the seed from which Guiding Elliott sprouted. We men seem to be overly proud on a number of topics, but one thing I feel justifiably proud of is my seventeen years teaching poetry in the schools with the Missoula Writing Collaborative. I find that old poets can learn new tricks, especially if we spend time teaching young people what we think we know. My chapbook Black Bear Holds a Hole in His Paws addresses lessons I learned teaching in Hydaburg, Alaska. Other works have seen light in  Poems Across the Big Sky I & II, New Montana Stories, Montana Magazine, Cut-Bank, cold-drill, Connotations, Cedilla, Front Range, and Talking River Review. It is my hope that even people who have never and will never fish will still get a chuckle out of Guiding Elliott.


Robert Lee Photo

Discussion schedule for Guiding Elliot:

Wednesday, January 25th at 7PM 
Chat  in the D@D Book Club Chat Room

Sunday, January 29th at 6PM 
Ranch Cam  live broadcast conversation 
with authors Robert Lee and Judy Blunt. 


Dunrovin Osprey Chick Hatched in 2016 Now in Texas

What a thrill to get an email from Dr. Erick Greene of the University of Montana with a photo of Harriet and Hals' first 2016 chick, Honor. The photo was taken in January 2017 by photographer Linda Murdock in Texas. Honor looks to be thriving! This is the second time a Dunrovin osprey chick has been sighted along the Gulf of Mexico.

2017_Photo of Honor from Texas FRAMED 

Continuing Stories

Snow Drawings

Our 2017 Artist in Residence has been busy creating some playful snow drawings and enticing the Dunrovin animals, both domestic and wild, into collaborating with her. Beth has open our eyes and imaginations to incorporating nature into art, no only as the canvass but as a full creative partner to help us see out world differently.


Art is Man's Nature


Nature is God's Art


- James Bailey

In the Spotlight

The Birds of Winter

Our ospreys are, of course, the stars of Dunrovin's bird world. However, after Harriest and Hal depart, we install bird feeders on the osprey nest perch and on a pole located just beneath the nest, but within great view of our web camera. The year round resident birds, especially, the territorial and long live pileated woodpeckers, have come to rely on those feeders for getting through cold winters like our current one.

Kola: The Best Worst Thing

This photo depicts Kola as an alert dog that easily blends in with his environment. Well, photo don't always tell the truth. He's always alert; but he never blends! Kola is possibly the WORST guest ranch dog on the earth. Loud, hyper active, and unable to moderate his addiction for chasing anything at his level, including our guests' pant legs and shoe laces, Kola is truly a Jack Russell Terrorist. But, we love him! 

Each issue of the Dunrovin Ranch Lifestyle Magazine will focus the spotlight on something near and dear to Dunrovin - one of our animals, a staff member, a place, a guest, a D@D member, or something unique about our onsite or online communities. Send us your suggested subjects for our spotlight via dunrovinmagazine@gmail.com.



happy New Years

HAPPY 2017

Happy New Year from the Divas. They are up to their usual tricks, scheming about how to capture all of the publicity and attention during 2017.  

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