March 2017: Greetings from Lady Dunrovin

Cover Photo by Kurt Wilson of the Missoulain
Dunrovin Ranch Lifestyle Magazine

March is pregnant with anticipation. Like a mother anxious to bring her child into the world, our bodies are ready to shed the heavy clothes of winter, to feel the freedoms of running on solid ground rather than carefully picking our way across sheets of ice, to feel the warmth of the sun on our cheeks and for the nights to retreat into the long days of summer.

Truly a transition month at Dunrovin, the first of March brings flocks of red-winged blackbirds to mob the bird feeders stationed above the ospreys’ nest; yet by the end of the month, the bird feeders have been removed from the nest perch and Harriet has either already reclaimed her nest or is within days of landing. Similarly, our horses begin the month fat and happy in their winter field, free from human interference, only to return to their stalls by the end of the month to get back into shape and go back to work delighting kids of all ages with trail rides across the river and through the woods.  March’s melting snows expose the very first tender blades of green grass that appear in sheltered areas. It seems everyone and everything is on the move, readying themselves for the growing season.

March’s prominence on our annual calendar has been even more solidified by the installation of the web camera above the ospreys’ nest. When the camera first went up in March of 2011, we thought of it as a terrific scientific opportunity to get to know the complexities of osprey ecology. We had absolutely no understanding of how our becoming involved with the daily lives of the ospreys would impact us in so many ways. We grew to know the birds as individuals with very distinct personalities. We were awed by the birds’ total commitment to life and all of its struggles. We connected with people from across the world who watched along with us. We shared the wonder, we conversed via twitter, Facebook, and chat, and we became friends. People traveled here to see us and the birds. Over the past six years, the ospreys have transformed Dunrovin in a number of beautiful ways by stretching our reach across the globe, by inspiring and connecting us with the magic of nature and life, and by teaching us not only about the rhythms, challenges, and joys of bird life, but exposing something about ourselves in the process.

And it all begins each year in March. Our hearts, minds, and eyes are focused on the skies as the ospreys ferry in the spring and summer seasons each year.  May this March be kind to our ospreys as they wing their way north to join us in their summer home. May this March be generous to all of us in the Dunrovin family and herald a peaceful and productive spring/summer ahead.

DaysAtDunrovin Community 

The DaysAtDunrovin online community owes its existence to the Dunrovin ospreys. They are the ones who brought us together and they are the ones who keep us returning to follow their story, safeguard their nest during the winter, and rejoice in our connections to nature, animals, and each other.  

Our D@D community is a subscription-based online community. Our subscription serves three very important purposes:

First, it allows us to pay the costs of operating DaysAtDunrovin without having to use our limited resources chasing advertisements as a source of revenue. We do not see our community members as consumers in the online world, but as friends who have come together to celebrate animals, nature, and learning. We strive to create an online community free from constant, invasive pushes to purchase. Information about and links to our partner organizations appear without charge on our public D@D pages. We are proud to be associated with these entities and hope you will support them. They share our values and will serve you well.

Second, our subscription creates a "gated community" where people with common interests and values can freely communicate without fear of disrespect. Requiring a D@D membership to participate in the open chat and posting forums ensures protection from internet trolls and bullies. Open and respectful communication opens hearts and forms the basis for friendships. Our website must be safe and secure in order for meaningful conversations and friendships to thrive. Furthermore, this is very personal for me. I live at Dunrovin and I am inviting you into my home. I need to know that you, too, are a real person with honest and good intentions.

Third, we would love to raise money to give back in meaningful ways and support nonprofit causes which speak to the values we all hold. As a community, we can collectively be a force for good.

If you want to join the D@D community and cannot afford the $8/month subscription fee, please email us at and we will work with you to set up a scholarship. Willingness to divulge who you are and abiding by our conversation standards of respect are more important to us than payment. Ability to pay should not be a barrier to community membership.

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Thank you for your time and attention. Welcome to Dunrovin. I'd love to hear from you.


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