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March 2017: Anticipation

Greetings from Lady Dunrovin

In March of 2011 Dunrovin collaborated with the University of Montana on a science project that required us to install a web camera above the ospreys' nest located on the ranch. Little did we understand how it would change life at Dunrovin. March has since taken on an entirely new meaning.  It's when the ospreys return! 

At Long Last by Kelli

Arriving in the middle of one of our snowiest winters on record, our new ranch manger, Kelli Kozak, is more than anxious for the spring and summer guest seasons to arrive. She has been learning, and planning, and spring cleaning. Now she wants to settle into the REAL Dunrovin and get her horse Doc out here to make her transition to Montana complete.

Bryony Welcomes Spring

After thirty years of living in Montana, African-born and -raised Bryony Schwan has certainly adapted to winter. She routinely skiis into her remote mountain cabin to enjoy long winter weekends of reading and cooking and soaking up winter's beauty. But as the first signs of spring appear each year, her heart skips a beats to welcome back the warm seasons that make her feel most at home. 

Celebrating Spring with Hobie

Spring is often heard before it is felt or seen. The songs of migrating birds returning to their summer homes in search of nesting habitat, mates, and resources to raise their young perk our ears to announce the change of seasons. Bird migration remains one of nature's most intriguing mysteries. 

The Names of the Stars

Author Pete Fromm not only takes us along with him into the Bob Marshall Wilderness Area in his book The Names of the Stars, but guides us through his personal struggle with life's quandary of balancing risk with safety, happenstance with deliberation, staying in one place with leaving for another, and one's own needs with those of family. 

Local Treasures

Years ago a young couple with wide-ranging interests and boundless talents, Bill and Ramona Holt came to the Lolo area to build a cattle ranch and raise a family. Through decades of involvement with the western rodeo culture, the Holts have amassed a treasure trove of artifacts and stories that they graciously share in their Holt Heritage Museum. 

Wildlife Films at the Drive-in

What on earth is this photo? Well join us at the Dunrovin Drive-In to find out!. D@D is excited to collaborate with the International Wildlife Film Festival to bring a selection of their films to the Dunrovin Drive-In. Gather around your computer to enjoy these special films, chat with other D@D members,  and engage directly with the film producers for questions and answers.

Spring - A Season of Promises

It matters not if March strides in like a lion or bounces in like a lamb, March inevitably stirs the human heart and soul with its promises of spring's regeneration and warmth. At Dunrovin, March is when all eyes turn skyward, searching for the first ospreys to arrive. They are our true summer farriers - opening and closing the warm spring and summer seasons each year.  


Riding the White Horse Home by Teresa Jordan is our Book of the Month for March

While published in 1993, Teresa Jordan's lovingly detailed memoir of her family's four generations of living close to the land on a cattle ranch in the harsh, unforgiving, yet dramatic and beautiful Iron Mountain landscape of southeast Wyoming has much to say about current political and cultural struggles in America today. Teresa's insights into the divide between rural and urban ways of knowing the world speak directly to the political tensions raised during the 2016 presidential election. Reading Teresa's book is taking a journey back in time and forward in understanding. Living lives that are of the land creates a vitality and wisdom of animals, nature, and ourselves that transcends academic knowledge, yet can be devalued and dismissed by our larger, urban society; hence the rural/urban divide. Teresa strives to straddle this divide in her own life as she moves between these two worlds.     

Teresa furthers her exploration of this theme in her newest book of essays, The Year of Living Virtuously (Weekends Off).  “I wanted to write about extremes—about the angry righteousness that is dividing the country,” Jordan says. “Just look at terrorism. It’s a righteousness taken to the extreme. Anything taken to excess becomes a vice.” Her interest lies in "examining the ordinary strengths and weaknesses that shape the quality of our relationships, to see how virtue and vice play out in ordinary life,” she says. “What interests me is what we talk about over the dinner table.”

Dunrovin is eager to meet with Teresa Jordan and Judy Blunt on March 26th to discuss her work and delve into these timely and important topics. 

 Photo University of Utah Web Site

Discussion schedule for Riding the White Horse Home:

Wednesday, March 22 at 7PM 
Chat in the D@D Book Club Chat Room

Sunday, March 26 at 6PM 
Live broadcast conversation with Teresa Jordan  


Dunrovin gets a taste of cattle ranching.

Dunrovin Ranch is anything but a western cattle ranch. We call ourselves a "boutique" guest ranch because of our small size and focus on quality horseback riding adventures. We do, however, enjoy some wonderful relationships with friends steeped in Montana's cattle industry and culture. Dunrovin has on several occasions worked with cattlemen like Brandon Carpenter to host adventures that include working cattle with our horses. It has been a great pleasure to have there opportunities to experience the challenges and joys of ranch life.

Cattle at the Carpenter Ranch      Photo by Debi Lorenc

Read about one of our cattle adventures with the Giddy-Up Girls in the Spring 2016 issue of Distinctly Montana. Flip to page 20 for the article.

Story Update

Waiting for Lonza's Foal

Lonza is destined to foal a horse of a different color! Her luxurious coat is known as Amber or Apricot Champagne and the stallion to which she was bred, Gentleman Lux, is a palomino. This combination can result in one of twelve different colors - all of which would be most welcome. We will all have to wait impatiently to see what she produces when she foals during the last half of April.


Spring and Summer Are

Riding on a Piebald Mare.

 - Russian Proverb

In the Spotlight

The Eyes of March

The key to identifying the individual Dunrovin ospreys is in the eyes. The irises of both of Harriet's eyes have dark spots in the lower half, just below the pupils. Hal's eyes, on the other hand, are both relatively clear of dark spots. While the birds' feathers change with molting, their eyes remain the same over time and provide a positive ID maker.   

Remembering Ozzie Osprey

It is impossible for us to think of the Dunrovin ospreys without missing Ozzie, the original male who occupied the nest with Harriet from 2011 until his death in 2014. What a magnificent and unique bird. He taught us much and we are grateful for having known him. He will always be part of Dunrovin.

Mystery Brewing at Dunrovin 

Talk about anticipation! Dunrovin Ranch is all a twitter about being featured in a soon to be released series of Harelquin romance and mystery novels by best selling author Danica Winters, whose previous books include Wild Montana.

All of Dunrovin barn yard talk is about who will and will not appear in the series. The dogs, horses, and, of course, the Divas are all hopeful for starring roles. We'll all just have to wait 'till the first book is released this August!

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