October 2016: Greetings from Lady Dunrovin

Cover Photo by Sterling Miller
Dunrovin Ranch Lifestyle Magazine

What a special time it is! Every year I look forward to autumn’s delights.  It seems the angels of the night throw ever more brilliant coats of paint across the landscape, creating a collage of vivid oranges, reds, yellows, and purples. The warm, shorter days and cool, longer nights can be a relief from the hot and seemingly endless days of summer. A quiet and calming atmosphere descends as the ospreys migrate away and take their boisterous chirps south with them.  The glow of the plums, apples, and pears lure us into the orchard for juicy rewards, while the horses line up with the hope of us grabbing the fallen fruits from the ground and tossing them over the fences.

The colors of autumn!  Photos by Tamar Kasberg

The colors of autumn! Photos by Tamar Kasberg

But there is also a certain ambivalence about autumn. Its charms are short-lived. Saying  goodbye to autumn’s warm afternoons, crunchy leaves underfoot, and splendidly dressed trees is not easy as the season all too soon fades into the first cold days of winter.  Don’t get me wrong, I love winter—once winter is actually here and snow blankets the world in its own beauty. But I don’t always like the thought of winter and its challenges of driving on icy roads, frozen pipes during severe storms, or the long months of little direct sunlight. So while I rejoice in autumn, my joy is tinged with sadness at the thought of it passing.

Luckily, cultures around the world have created various festivals to celebrate autumn’s end and prepare us for the rigors of winter. Halloween and Thanksgiving top my holiday affections.  They require so little of us and focus almost exclusively on family and fun. Dress up, be silly, visit neighbors, and give thanks for all our blessings. What could be simpler, yet what could be more rewarding?

Dunrovin fully participates in these autumn traditions. Each year we invite the children in our community to come in costume for horseback rides, lawn games, and s’mores around the fire. And each year we have to attend to the Divas getting dressed up in their purple and red costumes and sashaying around with their sawbuck saddles loaded with candy. They must think Halloween was invented just so they could play with the neighbors. Please join us on our DaysAtDunrovin web cameras as the little goblins, witches, pirates, spooks, and clowns descend on the ranch.

Halloween at Dunrovin.  Photos by Tamar Kasberg

Halloween at Dunrovin. Photos by Tamar Kasberg

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