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October 2016: Falling in Love with Fall

Greetings from Lady Dunrovin

Autumn leaves assume the role of flowers with their bright showy colors. St Francis of Assisi’s Celebration reminds us of all that animals bring to our world. Homecoming parades and Halloween punctuate the month like a pair of parenthesis, enclosing a chromatic month of harvest and eerie delights.    

Carpets and Cathedrals of Gold

There is surly gold in Montana’s mountains as the needles of the western larch and the leaves of the quaking aspen and cottonwood trees all show off their autumn colors. As the needles fall, the horses glide through carpets of gold. 

Autumn’s Harvest

What a joy to have a thriving fruit orchard in our backyard. Apple orchards once played a significant role in the agricultural history of Montana's Bitterroot Valley. Orchards are making a big come back in the valley as pastry shops and Hard Apple Cider companies crop up.

Animal Blessings

In the tradition of St. Francis of Assisi’s October 4th celebration of the animals, Dunrovin annually conducts a blessing of the animals. One need not live with an animal to know it, to love it, to trust it, and to give thanks for its being part of one’s life. Many people love animals that they seldom see or know only via web cameras.

The Giddy-Up Girl's ATF Event

It started with the University of Montana Creative Writing Program’s fall fundraiser. I could not restrain myself from bidding on their Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms event to include in the 2016 Giddy-Up Girls Montana adventure. It turned out to not only be fun, but also a revelation on feelings towards guns in America.

Looking Forward at Dunrovin

Big personnel changes at Dunrovin Ranch!

Our much loved ranch manager, Danielle Brooker, will leave us at the end of the year. Danielle has done an incredible job of keeping everything humming around here. She recently married; and she now wisely wants to focus her energies and her summer days, on her new husband. So while we will miss Danielle greatly, we totally support her choice.   Thank you, Danielle, for all these months of exceptional work and outstanding service to our community and us. We will miss you and you will not be easy to replace!

In addition, our barn manager, Taryn Bushey, will be heading back to college to complete her degree. Taryn has done a terrific rate job of providing top-notch care to our horses and creating a quality horsemanship programs to our guests. As many of you may know, Taryn broke new ground by training her first horse under saddle via a unique "tele-training" program with Brandon Carpenter. The horse, Mystery, will be very lonesome for you! Thank you, Taryn, for all that you have accomplished at Dunrovin, and good luck in the next step of your career.  

Another long time Dunrovin Ranch wrangler, guide and all around great hand, Maggie Machett, will soon complete her requirements for being a licensed pharmacist. She too will be leaving us later in the spring. She has been a tremendous employee, returning each summer season while she completed her degree. Thank you, Maggie, for all your hard work, can-do attitude, friendly customer service, and ability to solve any problem. Dunrovin already misses you even though you haven't yet gone!


Enjoy this lovely Montana Moment photo and inspirational quote from our good friend and neighbor, Steve Weber of Speaking Gump



Continuing Stories

October 2016: Short Updates

The stories continue! Catch up on training Mystery, our news horses adopting to live at Dunrovin, our Big Sky Equine Art Fringe Festival, our Wellness Week Workshops, Smokey's retirement, and Lonza's pregnancy. It is all right here!

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In the Spotlight

Photo Session with Hawk

Rick Hawk Hurst is the real deal. He gets he lives the life of an early 18030's mountain man by going into the wild with only his horse, his sense of adventure, his depth of knowledge, and his original mountain man gear. Last year Hawk came to Dunrovin for a photo shoot with acclaimed photographer John Ashley and photographic student, Danielle Brooker.

Annie - Dunrovin's First Horse

Annie was the first Tennessee Walking Horse to come to Dunrovin. She is a favorite of everyone who meets her even though she has not been ridden in over 17 years. She foaled Lady Lonza, still tries to rule the herd, loves to be painted, is a great grandma to Lonza's foals, and was just diagnosed with moon blindness. We love Annie. 

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Recently overheard during one of our fall pony club sessions: "Oh Mommy, I just love Dunrovin. It fills up my bucket."  

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