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September 2016: For the Love of Horses

Greetings from Lady Dunrovin

SuzAnne Miller, owner of Dunrovin Ranch, was once introduced as Lady Dunrovin at a meeting and it stuck. Dunrovin Magazine comes from her desire to share her love of life, family, friends, community, and animals at Dunrovin.

Holistic Animal Wellness Week

Dunrovin brings together a group of four experts in holistic animal wellness and training for a week of workshops and clinics. While the primary focus is on horses, the principles and techniques apply to all of our personal pets. Join us online or onsite during the first week of October.

Horseman Brandon Carpenter

Meet master horseman Brandon Carpenter whose gentle ways with horses have had a great influence on the development of Dunrovin Ranch's horses and horsemanship programs. Now he is experimenting with us to take horsemanship training to an entirely new level on the internet. 

Training Mystery

Learn about DaysAtDunrovin new use of its web camera technology to bring Brandon Carpenter across the miles from his ranch to Dunrovin to mentor Taryn as she trains our new horse, Mystery, to be ridden for the first time. Mystery is the perfect horse this exciting project. He is kind, curious, and a very quick leaner.

Hoping for a Foal in April, 2017

What a delight! Our Lovely Lady Lonza is pregnant for the third time and she is due to foal in the latter part of April. We are looking forward to an exciting spring at Dunrovin in 2017. Nothing compares to a young horse romping in the pastures. We will install a web camera in her birthing stall and nursery for all to share in this joyous event. 

Six New Horses at Dunrovin

The last year has brought six new horses to live at Dunrovin. Mystery, Butte, and Razz have nearly completed a full year with us, while Erskine, Flynn, and Dugan have only been here several months. It is always difficult for a horse to make a new home and we try to minimize the stress on them.

Retiring Smokey

It's his smoky eyes that inspired his name. As he ages and his arthritis impairs his mobility, his favorite riding partner, Paula, must alter her riding activities. How does she build a relationship with a new horse while continuing to support Smokey throughout the remainder of his life? 

Painting Ponies

The tradition started with our former wrangler Kyla Two Bulls who taught us to paint our ponies in the tradition of the Lakota Sioux. We found that everyone loved it, including the horse. So now we are stepping up our game and organizing an annual Big Sky Equine Art Fringe Festival for August 2017.

Looking Forward at Dunrovin

As the summer rush of riding, weddings, and special events winds down and our osprey family, Harriet, Hal, Honor, and Glory migrate south, we will upgrade our system, get ready for the winter season, and restart many of our D@D broadcast sessions on horsemanship training.  We have also been hard at work upgrading the conversational functions of our web site. Be sure to visit our new DISCUSSION section.

Onsite Upgrades

Once the osprey have surely migrated, the D@D technical staff will begin to install some major upgrades to our web camera system and set the stage for the winter bird feeders. This should be during the latter weeks of September and may cause periodic web cam outages:

  • Bird feeders will be installed at the nest.
  • The nest web cam will be re-positioned. It will be raised to its former height and pointed more southeast than directly east for better views of both the nest and the perch.
  • A new cable will be installed in our ranch cam pole and tested in order to find the gremlin that has been lurking in that system. We are crossing our fingers that we won't have to replace the ranch cam. 
  • New computers and routers and increased bandwidth will enhance our abilities to add remote cam operators and a new cam channel. The new channel will be used to establish a station at the river for the mobile cam.
  • Over the coming months we will install bird feeders on the bench and down by the river for continual viewing via the mobile cam that will be routinely moved between the two locations.

Be sure to keep an eye on the D@D broadcast calendar for sessions with Taryn on training Mystery and for our October Holistic Animal Wellness Week.

Online Upgrades

We are delighted to announce our new DISCUSSION section for asynchronous (i.e. not at the same time) communications among all of us. While our online chat is great for synchronous (i.e. at the same time) conversations, we can only really share with those who happen to also be in the chat room. The DISCUSSION section is better for sharing more permanent information such family and pet photos, links to important web sites, book club comments, and conversations about things at the ranch that everyone might want to read.

The DISCUSSION section comes with a commitment on our part to respond to all comments, questions, and suggestions. We, as well as our featured guests, experts, authors, artists, and just plain colorful characters will monitor our specific DISCUSSIONS boards every week to respond. So join us in this new learning adventure. 

Our usual conversation rules of respect and consideration apply to DISCUSSION boards as well as to our chat rooms.


Enjoy this lovely Montana Moment photo and inspirational quote from our good friend and neighbor, Steve Weber of Speaking Gump


In the Spotlight

Dunrovin's Donkey DIVAS

Oh Dear! The DIVAS got wind of this first magazine issue being focused on the horses and put up a big stink. Believe me, we have enough braying around here as it is. If they want the spotlight, they get it! 

Wonder Woman Harriet

Mother osprey Harriet is truly a heroine to those of us who have watched and loved this bird through the magic of our web cameras. She has done it all: caring for her eggs and chicks through snowstorms, unrelenting heat, the loss of her mate Ozzie, and training her new mate, Hal, to be a terrific partner and parent. 

Each issue of the Dunrovin Ranch Lifestyle Magazine will focus the spotlight on something near and dear to Dunrovin - one of our animals, a staff member, a place, a guest, a D@D member, or something unique about our onsite or online communities. Send us your suggested subjects for our spotlight via dunrovinmagazine@gmail.com.

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