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Dunrovin Ranch is a small family-owned guest ranch in Lolo, Montana, where horses are partners, guests are friends, the Bitterroot River runs free, and fun and adventure are a way of life.

DaysAtDunrovin is Dunrovin's cyber front porch, where people gather online and form friendships by sharing Dunrovin's world and their love of animals, nature, science, and the arts.

November & December 2017: Peace on Earth

Winter Solstice Brings the Holiday Season

Winter brings it own special pleasures with time for family gatherings, joyful celebrations, and quiet reflections to contemplate how we can all work together to make a better world.  

September & October 2017: Flying Away and Welcoming Fall

Fall Arrives and the Ospreys Fly Away

Autumn means our ospreys migrate back to their winter homes; and the rains and snow of winter begin. This year those autumn storms were most welcome as they finally cleared our skies of smoke and extinguished the Lolo Peak fire. 

August 2017: In the Face of Fire

Fires Roll through Western Montana

It started in mid July with a series of thunder storms that rolled through western Montana valleys and ignited a number of forests fires - fires that rapidly grew and brought communities together in a common fight.

July 2017: Embracing Diversity

Diversity is the Key to Resilience

Celebrating our country's birthday in July reminds us of the great diversity found in out country's landscapes, cultures, peoples, and economies. Diversity is our one of country's greatest strengths as it is the essential ingredient for resilience.

June 2017: Fathers of the World

Honoring the Fathers of the World

June's youngsters of all species remind us of the importance of fathers everywhere as we celebrate Father's Day. Our osprey nest has shown us the diversity of fathering styles, first with Ozzie and now with Hal.

May 2017: Mothers of the World

We Honor the Mothers of the World

May is a perfect time to celebrate Mother's Day as it is the breeding and birthing season for many of the worlds animals, including our own Lady Lonza who gave birth to a stud colt on May 3.

April 2017: Celebrating Plant Earth

We Celebrate Earth Day in April

April brings the first tender blades of green grass. It is a time to think about the earth's gifts and how we can best conserve them for all life.

March 2017: Anticipation

Spring is the Season of Promises

March is pregnant with anticipation as we await the return of the ospreys and the birth of the Lovely Lady Lonza's foal.

February 2017: Love Has Many Faces

Valentine's Day - Celebrating Love

Romantic love is not the only form of love that Dunrovin celebrates.

January 2017: A New Year Dawns

A New Year Dawns

A New Year Brings New People with New Voices to Dunrovin!

Holiday 2016

A Season of Gratitude

Season's Greetings from Dunrovin!

October 2016

Falling in Love with Fall

Dunrovin Just Loves Autumn, Enjoy It With Us!

September 2016

For the Love of Horses

Horses are at the Heart of Dunrovin.

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