Interact directly with others in a secure and friendly environment.

Kindness and Respect are the basis for all D@D Interactions.

D@D Chat


D@D has member, topic, and private chat rooms.

  • The Member Chat Room is open to everyone to discuss whatever topic they desire. As our community grows, we will open up separate "neighborhood" chat room so people can sort themselves out into smaller groups.

  • Topic Chat Rooms are centered on specific topics such as birds, horses, the ranch, etc. We ask members to please stay on topic when communicating in these chat rooms.

  • Private Chat Rooms are created by D@D members to hold private conversations. Members simply invite friends or family to join them in a temporary chat room that disappears after use.


D@D Forum

Ranch staff posts daily on the D@D forums.

The forums are the place to find out what is happening. The Dunrovin Ranch staff posts daily comments, photos, and videos so members can catch up at any time. Staff and D@D program instructors or hosts monitor the forums in order to respond to members' questions.  

Forums are organized in a hierarchical structure according to topic. For example, the HORSE channel might have a couple of subtopics beneath it for individual stories such as Training Mystery or Lady Lonza's pregnancy. The general forum is an "all purpose - anything goes" place for posting chit-chat of any kind.

Sign up to follow any or all of the forums and receive email notifications as posts are added.

Phone Calls and Hangouts


D@D uses the phone and Google Hangout. 

While the written word is a great way to communicate on a computer, you can't beat hearing and/or seeing someone to really get to know them. 

D@D uses telephone and computer video technology to bring D@D members and guests alive on screen for all to see and hear. Members are encouraged (but certainly not required) to sign up to participate in "On the Porch Swing" conversations with the Dunrovin staff or to make a D@D "Show and Tell" presentation. The Dunrovin staff helps put participants at ease and make the technical connection.

D@D is working to institute regularly scheduled computer/radio call in programs to connect everyone with Dunrovin staff and guests. 


Conversation Guidelines Ensure Safety, Kindness, and Respect

Conversations flow freely when people are confident that they will be well received. D@D maintains a friendly, family atmosphere. We ask all who participate to abide by some simple rules. While we understand that everyone makes mistakes, we will intervene should anyone repeatedly violate these rules.

Guidelines For Posting:

  • Please be nice! Be respectful! Be generous and forgiving!
  • NO bullying, name calling, foul or offensive language.
  • NO proselytizing, circulating petitions, soliciting, or party politics.
  • NO references to sex, illegal activities, or religious differences.
  • Stay on topic when appropriate.
  • Don't dominate the conversation. Don't exclude others. Be inclusive.

Guidelines For Engaging Staff:

  • Please respect the privacy of Dunrovin staff and guests. 
  • Confine contact with Dunrovin Staff and Guests to this web site.
  • Use the email address of to communicate with anyone associated with Dunrovin Ranch.
  • Mail letters to Dunrovin Ranch, P O Box 822  Lolo, MT 59847.
  • We welcome comments and suggestions through proper channels.

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