Divas Dreaming of the BIG APPLE

Mary B, one of our DaysAtDunrovin community members from New York City, made the mistake of altering us to the fact that the New York City Ballet was holding auditions for the part of a donkey for one of their upcoming performances. An article appearing in the March 10th edition of the New Yorker explained the details. This morning while I was feeding, I mentioned this development to the Divas and they, of course, insisted that I bring the article to read to them as soon as our New Yorker copy arrived in the mail.


Always one to keep my word, immediately upon retrieving our copy from our mail box today, I set up a chair  to read the entire story to Miss Gertie and Miss Maude. Well you can only imagine their reactions when they learned of all the terrible trials and tribulations that the Ballet Company has gone through with several disappointingly untalented and untrained donkeys and ponies. They wondered why they had not been called. They would willingly have caught a nonstop flight for the BIG APPLE. I tried to explain the difficulties of traveling to and from New York City for auditions and performances – BUT they remain undeterred and have asked me to inquire about Mary B’s availability to act as their agent for future opportunities. Since Mary B is this week’s guest for “On the Porch Swing with SuzAnne”, the DIVAS persuaded (coerced might be more accurate) me into promising to broach the topic with Mary B. Hopefully, she will have the good sense to put an end to their wild dreams of fame and fortune. I’m counting on you, Mary B.



OH DEAR! The DIVAS simply will not listen to reason.

The stars in their eyes have completely clouded their vision and they have interpreted this friendly little email exchange with the New York City Ballet as an invitation. Look at what you’ve started Mary B.