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Man’s current relationship with horses can truly be called a “horse of a different color.” As John Trotwood Moore famously stated : “Wherever man has left his foot prints in the long ascent from barbarism to civilization, we find the hoof print of a horse beside it.”

In recent years, the nature and placement of those hoof prints have changed – changed in unexpected ways. Rather than simply carrying our physical burdens, horses now ease our emotional pains; in addition to lifting our feet off the ground, horses buoy our spirits and fill our hearts with joy; rather than their being servants to us as masters, horses have become our teachers and guides.

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Dunrovin Ranch honors the ever changing emotional, spiritual, and physical bonds between horse and human through a two special events:

On August 19, the Friends of Dunrovin (a 501 c3 nonprofit) will host Horse of a Different Color as an artistic extravaganza that bring artists together with Dunrovin’s horses to literally create horses of different colors to raise money for grants to organizations that offer equine assisted therapy.

During the Horse of a Different Color event, we will also celebrate horses as a writer’s muse when best selling Harlequin author Danica Winters will unveil her series of books set among the Dunrovin Ranch herd and draw the winner of Destination Missoula's contest to bring two people to Dunrovin Ranch’s September Spirit Dance's Living with Passion Women’s Retreat.

On September 8 through 10, Dunrovin Ranch collaborates with Spirit Dance Equine Guided Coaching, Training and Retreats of Minneapolis, Minnesota to offer a women’s spiritual Living with Passion retreat focused on channeling the power of horses to ignite personal passions to live life with greater meaning and purpose.


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The Friends of Dunrovin is a 501c3 Montana nonprofit associated with Dunrovin Ranch and DaysAtDunrovin.com. Its mission is to use Dunrovin Ranch's and DaysAtDunrovin's cyber resources to promote human, animal, environmental, and community heath through raising funds for other Montana nonprofits organizations to do their work.

The Friends of Dunrovin is the sponsor for the Horse of a Different Color. Funds raised will be specifically used for grants to support Montana nonprofits that provide equine assisted physical, emotional, or mental wellness or therapy programs.


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 On August 19, 2017 at 1:00PM to 
and engage with the artists
as they paint our horses.

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We thank them for contributing to our cause and for making this a successful event.

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