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Dunrovin Ranch is a small family-owned guest ranch in Lolo, Montana, where horses are partners, guests are friends, the Bitterroot River runs free, and fun and adventure are a way of life. Please come visit us!

DaysAtDunrovin is Dunrovin's cyber front porch, where people gather online and form friendships by sharing Dunrovin's world and their love of animals, nature, science, and the arts. Pull up a chair and join us!

Enjoy Dunrovin's Live Osprey Nest Web Cam. 
Learn More about Dunrovin's beautiful birds.

Why did Dunrovin create a cyber front porch?
Let the ranch owner, Lady Dunrovin, explain.

Lots of DRAMA at Dunrovin's Osprey Nest  
After a very exciting start to the osprey breeding season punctuated by geese, a goose egg, a raven stealing the goose egg, a great horned owl attack on Harriet, and a Hal Wannabe showing up and trying to move in, the real Hal finally joined Harriet. After lots of nest building and mating, Harriet laid three eggs between April 24th and April 28th.  The first chick appeared on the scene late on June 1, chick two arrived on June 2, and the third on June 4. It promises to be a very busy summer at the osprey nest!

What the world needs now is more
front porches where people relax,
converse, laugh, and share.

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